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Farm to School Grant Program!

Thank you Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA) for awarding East End

United Community Center the Pennsylvania Farm to School Grant. EEUCC was awarded this grant through our Little Legends Preschool. Through this grant we will be able to improve access to healthy local foods and increase agricultural education opportunities for our Little Legends Pre-school, their families, and our local community.

We will also be able to supplement our community garden, provide field trips to our students, and much more. East End will be used as a bridge to help families gain access to nutritious and delicious local produce. By bringing the farm to the family, we hope to impact the future meals they will have at their kitchen table, break family cycles of poor health and nutrition, and influence our surrounding community to support local farmers!

PDA’s mission is to help build a successful future for Pennsylvania agriculture and their vision is to ensure that agriculture is equitable to all! They value service, continuous improvement, accountability, stewardship, civility, excellence, and collaboration. To get more information on The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, please click here.

The Farm to School Grant Program provides schools funding to improve access to healthy, local foods, and increase agriculture education opportunities. East End is so excited that this grant will help us to provide our students, their families, and our local community with fresh produce that will nourish their bodies and benefit their health! By the end of this program, we hope that our students will have a broader comprehension of the importance of agriculture and nutrition. Also, we hope that they will become influential consumers in their families and in our society! To learn more about the Farm to School Grant Program please click here.

Pennsylvania's farm families continue to be the stewards of more than 7.3 million acres of farmland. The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture aims to build resilience among the agricultural community to ensure long-term and sustainable growth. This goal will help to make sure that the industry can continue its essential work in feeding Pennsylvania and beyond. Local farmers work hard to ensure that they provide quality food without using compromising chemicals that can harm our bodies. As a community, let's support our local farmers markets this summer for providing us nutritious and delicious products! Thank you PDA and The Farm to School Grant Program for enabling EEUCC to support local farmers this year!

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