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Connect to Classrooms

In our vibrant and diverse community, every child's education is not just a personal journey but a collective investment in the future. We understand that each student is a unique chapter in our community's story, and their growth, potential, and success matter to us all. That's why truancy mitigation is such a vital cornerstone in our community's foundation.

Here's why truancy mitigation holds immense significance:

  1. Academic Success: Regular school attendance is the first step toward academic success. It's where children gain knowledge, skills, and experiences that will shape their future. When students regularly miss school, they miss out on the building blocks for a successful future. Truancy mitigation ensures that all our students have access to this invaluable resource.

  2. Community Well-being: When children are in school, they're not just learning; they're also building friendships, discovering interests, and growing emotionally and socially. Truancy mitigation isn't just about academic performance; it's about the holistic development of our community's youth, fostering a generation that's well-rounded and prepared for life's challenges.

  3. Empowerment: Our community's future depends on the talents and skills of our children. Truancy mitigation is a tool of empowerment, ensuring that every child, regardless of their circumstances, has an equal opportunity to succeed. It's about lifting potential barriers, giving every child a fair chance to thrive.

  4. Community Unity: We believe that a thriving community is one where every individual feels valued and supported. Truancy mitigation demonstrates our commitment to our neighbors and fellow community members. It's a symbol of our collective effort to provide a nurturing environment for our children.

  5. Economic Prosperity: A well-educated community is a thriving one. When our children succeed academically and professionally, it strengthens the economic foundation of our community. It means a brighter future for everyone, where opportunities are more abundant, and aspirations can be achieved.


Life can throw unexpected hurdles on the path of learning, making it difficult for children to attend school regularly. If you're a parent or guardian facing such difficulties, know that you're not alone. We're here to extend a hand, offering you and your family the guidance and support you need – and the best part is, our services are completely free of charge.

Connect to Classrooms Highlights:

  • Voluntary Participation: We respect the uniqueness of each family's situation. Choosing to participate in Connect2Classroom is entirely your decision. You have the autonomy to decide what's best for your child, and you can choose to pause or discontinue our services at any time.

  • Supportive Partnerships: Our collaboration with Fayette County Children & Youth Services ensures you have access to the resources and assistance needed to overcome attendance challenges. We're here as your allies, ready to provide the support you need.

  • A Path to a Brighter Future: By addressing truancy challenges and promoting regular school attendance, Connect 2 Classrooms opens the door to a brighter, more promising future for your child. We strongly believe in the potential of every student and are committed to helping your family navigate their educational journey.


Connect to Classrooms is more than a program; it's a journey we take together as a community. Our goal is to help your child fulfill their potential, and, in the process, make sure that every student in Fayette County has the chance to succeed. We invite you to join us on this journey, where inclusivity, support, and the promise of brighter tomorrows are our guiding stars.

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