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Diaper Bank

At the heart of our mission lies a deep commitment to the well-being of our community. We believe that support comes in many forms, and through our partnership with the Western PA Diaper Bank, we are able to provide essential supplies to low-income families, free of charge, once per month.

We understand that sometimes, families face tough financial challenges, and we're here to lend a helping hand. Our partnership allows us to provide diapers, wipes, baby food, and feminine products to those who need them most. These basic necessities are vital for the health, comfort, and dignity of individuals and families, and we are dedicated to ensuring that they are accessible to all. Community members can pick up diapers once per month on Thursdays.

As a partner agency, we not only provide these vital supplies but also work tirelessly to spread awareness about the significance of sustaining this program. We engage with our constituents and potential partners, forging connections and building a strong network of support. Together, we can make a profound impact on the lives of those in need, amplifying our efforts to create a more caring and compassionate community.

For the convenience of our community members, we offer a weekly pick-up schedule. This ensures that essential supplies are readily available to those who rely on them. We understand that the need for these items doesn't stop, and neither does our commitment to meeting that need.

By coming together, we exemplify the strength of a compassionate community. The impact of our partnership with the Western PA Diaper Bank goes far beyond the supplies themselves; it reaches into the hearts of families, providing a sense of security and support when it's needed most.

We invite you to join us in this endeavor, whether as a recipient, supporter, or partner. Together, we can make a difference, one diaper at a time, ensuring that no family in our community has to go without these basic necessities.

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