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Diaper Bank

About Us

East End United Community Center has partnered with the Western Pennsylvanian Diaper Bank (WPDB) whose mission is to ensure that babies in need are clean healthy and dry! Please check out their website for more information.

How Do I Start?

Please call East End before coming to pick up your diapers to see if we have your size. Usual shipments come on the 4th Wednesday of the month but not always. Diapers are distributed on Thursday only. You may get 50 diapers once per month for each child.


What We Give Away




Adult Diapers as donated


Baby Lotion




Feminine Products

 History of WPDB

In 2012, Rev. and Mrs. Phillip (Cathy) Battle founded the Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank while serving New Light Temple Baptist Church as pastor and First Lady.

The diaper crisis was brought to the attention of the Battle family while in service at a church in Toledo, Ohio. When families were asked what service they most needed but was most frequently overlooked by government and/or private agencies, almost in one voice the reply was “Diapers!”

Pastor Battle researched the diaper need and found a diaper bank that was started in Tucson, AZ. He networked with other churches and agencies to begin one in the region he was serving, however, it did not come to fruition.

But the cry of those Ohio families remained in the heart and mind of Rev. Battle as he was later called to lead his new congregation in Pittsburgh’s Hill District.

Using his initial research, and with the assistance of his wife and congregation, Pastor Battle formed the Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank to serve communities in Western Pennsylvania.

From its original six partner agencies in Allegheny County, the Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank has grown to 32 partner agencies in four additional counties – Fayette, Somerset, Washington, and Westmoreland. It collected and distributed 181,000 diapers last year. Total to date this year is over half a million.

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