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Taste the Tradition and Share the Love!
Soul Food Cookoff

Our Juneteenth Soul-Food Cook-Off invites chefs and home cooks alike to showcase their culinary skills, celebrate rich cultural heritage, and unite through the love of food. 

Why Participate?

Celebrate Heritage: Soul food is more than just cuisine; it's a tapestry of history, emotion, and family. Show off your recipes that have been passed down through generations or bring a new twist to traditional dishes.


Community and Connection: Build community and network with a local community of food enthusiasts, chefs, and local celebrities.


Win Prizes:  Participants will be judged in a variety of areas and there are plenty of opportunities to win. Prizes include cash awards, cooking gear, and a recognition plaque!

Get Featured: Participants will have the opportunity to be featured on our website, social media, and in local media. Showcase your talent and story to a wide audience.

Categories to Compete In:

  • Chicken: Bring your best fried chicken dish that will leave the judges craving for more.

  • Macaroni & Cheese: Do you have a cheesy masterpiece? Let your dish speak for itself.

  • Potato Salad: Show off your secret ingredient that elevates your potato salad above the rest.


Scoring Areas:

Participants will be judged based on three key aspects:

  1. Visual Appeal: Does your dish look as delicious as it tastes?

  2. Taste: The heart of the competition—may the best flavors win!

  3. Originality: Stand out with your unique twist on classic soul food.

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