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Our Capital Campaign
Building Together for a Brighter Future

We're excited to embark on a journey that holds immense promise for our community and those we serve. It's a journey of growth, innovation, and progress, and we invite you to be an integral part of it.


Our Vision: Building Dreams, Creating Change


Every great story begins with a vision. Ours is one of transformation – a vision to create a brighter, more vibrant future for our community. This capital campaign is not just about bricks and mortar; it's about shaping a future where dreams can flourish, lives can be transformed, and hope can thrive.


Your Role in This Journey


In any adventure, it's the people who make all the difference. We believe that meaningful change starts with you. By joining our capital campaign, you become a pillar of support, a catalyst for transformation, and a beacon of hope. Your contribution, whether big or small, plays a crucial role in bringing our vision to life.


Building on a Legacy


Our history is rich with accomplishments and the spirit of generosity. As we move forward, we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us, and we honor their legacy by continuing to build a better tomorrow.


Make a Difference Today


Your involvement in this capital campaign is an investment in our collective future. Every dollar you contribute, every moment you dedicate, and every connection you share brings us closer to our goals.


Join Us on This Remarkable Journey


We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our capital campaign and the specific projects it supports. Whether you're a long-time supporter or just discovering our cause, we welcome you with open arms. Together, we can achieve greatness.


2023 Capital Campaign Fact Sheet


Goal: The goal of EEUCC's 2023 Capital Campaign is to raise $250,000 to pay for our building expansion. This will allow us to pay for 450 feet of office space and a 468-foot addition onto our Pre-K Daycare Room. The office space will be utilized by out-of-school time program directors, site coordinators, and interns. The enhanced Pre-K Daycare Room will not only be used to accommodate families in need of daycare service, but will also provide the necessary room size to start a Pennsylvania Pre-K Counts program at no charge to families in need of pre-kindergarten education. We have grown and need expanded building space to best serve our community.


Mission and Values: The East End United Community Center is a nonprofit 501c3 that has been serving the Uniontown Area since 1975. The mission of the East End United Community Center is to advance the growth and well-being of our community by providing individuals with educational, social, cultural, and economic opportunities. We envision a thriving community where everyone is valued. We work tirelessly to spread our message throughout Fayette County by doing community outreach, offering family-friendly activities, and providing a space for community members to meet in fellowship. Over the past several years, the East End United Community Center has become a center of culture and community. It is our goal to make our community stronger, healthier, and more competent. The overall outcome of these efforts will result in a decrease in poverty and a more vibrant atmosphere in the East End neighborhood of Uniontown, Pennsylvania.


Number of People Served in 2022

  - Free Diapers/Clothes: 400

  - Out-of-School Time Programming: 490

  - Monthly Food Pantry: 80

  - Truancy Mitigation Services/Daycare Students: 135

  - Other Grants/Programs: 195

  - Events/Online Programming: 2,000

  - Total: 3,300


EEUCC History: After the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968, several key individuals in the Uniontown area were moved to carry on his vision locally. In 1975, the Fayette County People for Progress formed the East End United Community Center and operated afterschool and employment/training programs in the former East End School building, a decommissioned elementary school given by the Uniontown Area School District. In 1985, the Center moved to 395 East Main Street, a former two-story Victorian house given to the Center, at low cost, by the City Redevelopment Authority. In August of 2008, thanks to the hard work and generosity of many community members, a new center was dedicated on 150 Coolspring Street in Uniontown. The project was spearheaded by Joseph Hardy, whose initial $700,000 contribution led to a fundraising effort that helped complete a million-dollar facility that will continue to benefit the community for many years to come.


Major Accomplishments 2022: In August, we received a 21st CCLC Cohort 11 grant for $499,999 per year to provide out-of-school time programming to hundreds of students in Fayette and Greene counties over a five-year period. We also started offering grief support group services through a Staunton Farm Foundation grant, provided financial and career education classes via a United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania grant, and helped those struggling with mental health by partnering with the Fayette County Behavioral Health Administration in a Community-Based Care Management Program. Our Little Legends daycare has tripled in size since the beginning of 2022, through a number of different grants, our community garden is growing and will soon feature an outdoor student greenhouse, and we have enhanced our agricultural programming through Farm to School grants. While we are very excited to continue to search for funding that best serves our community, it is also important to note that the funds we receive are often earmarked for specific expenses. This is why we need to generate donations specific to building expansion costs.


How to Donate



Phone:  (724) 437-1660

In Person: 150 Coolspring Street, Uniontown, PA 15401


Together, We Can Achieve Greatness!


Thank you for your commitment to our mission. Together, we are changing lives, making dreams come true, and creating a better future for all. Welcome to the heart of our capital campaign. Join us today in building a brighter tomorrow.

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