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Highmark Health's Social Care Network

Welcome to the Highmark Social Care Network—an initiative designed to honor the vital role played by community-based organizations in supporting the members and patients of Highmark Health.  Various social risk factors can have a significant impact on an individual's health and overall well-being and Highmark Health is dedicated to working with the community to reduce those risks.


East End United Community Center serves as a key recipient of referrals from external entities seeking to provide essential programs and services to those in need. We, along with Highmark Health, recognize that social determinants of health wield immense influence on individuals' lives. Community-based organizations like ours are steadfast in delivering invaluable assistance to those in need, addressing pressing needs such as food insecurity, financial strain,  literacy, personal safety, and social isolation.


The Highmark Social Care Network is a way of formally acknowledging and utilizing the contributions of community based organizations like the East End United Community Center. By acknowledging the intersection of both medical and non-medical factors influencing health outcomes, Highmark Health is dedicated to fostering a collaborative approach that addresses these critical elements. 

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