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Vital Collections

Welcome to the heart of Uniontown's vibrant history - a celebration of stories, artistry, and community spirit brought to life by the Pennsylvania Council of the Arts grant. Together, the National Road Heritage Corridor (NRHC) and the East End United Community Center (EEUCC) proudly introduce the Vital Collections Program, a beacon of cultural preservation and unity.


At EEUCC, we're honored to partner with StoryCorps, an organization dedicated to honoring and sharing the diverse narratives that shape our lives. Through this program, we're excited to equip individuals of all ages with the skills and tools needed to preserve the invaluable oral histories of our African-American community members.


Our initiative invites everyone, from beloved neighbors to local residents, to join in the rich tapestry of Uniontown's heritage. Together, we'll weave these stories into a publicly accessible digital library—a treasure trove of shared experiences and wisdom, carefully maintained and lovingly promoted by the NRHC.


But our aspirations don't end there. To elevate these narratives further, we're collaborating with a gifted artist to  illuminate community stories through art. With the participation of our cherished community members, this visionary artist will craft a public art piece. This artwork will stand as a beacon of pride and admiration, showcased prominently within EEUCC's new building—a testament to the resilience, beauty, and significance of Uniontown's African-American heritage.


This collaborative creation will honor the people, the places, and the timeless legacies that have woven the vibrant fabric of our community. It's not just an artwork; it's a testament to the enduring spirit and unwavering strength of Uniontown's cherished heritage.


Join us on this remarkable journey of preservation, creativity, and unity. Let's celebrate the voices that have echoed through time and spaces that have shaped our vibrant community. Together, we'll create an enduring legacy that generations will cherish.


Come and be part of something truly extraordinary. Your story matters, your voice is invaluable, and your presence is the cornerstone of Uniontown's proud history.


For further details on how you can participate or contribute, please stay tuned for updates or reach out to us directly by phone or email ( Let's embark on this inspiring journey together, celebrating the richness of our shared heritage!

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